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About Umeed (Hope) Hospital

Umeed (Hope) Hospital, Mureed, Chakwal is a vision of two brothers Haji Murid Sultan (late) and Haji Taleh Mehdi. This dream is becoming a reality slowly but surely. When its foundation stone was laid on 19th June 2005 and work finally started in January 2006, after a detailed plan was laid out keeping in mind all the requirements of a modern and a well equipped Hospital.

Our Founder Trustee Haji Taleh Mehdi, is dedicating all his time and efforts to accomplish their vision. He has the utmost determination to alleviate the pain and suffering caused by preventable diseases that he himself has witnessed during his visits to the district of Chakwal. 

Al-Ain is sponsoring Haji Taleh Mehdi to realise this vision until the project is complete. We have already been focusing our activities on realising this project. The land 7 Kanals (32,000SqFt) valued at Rs70Million (£350K) for the Hospital project was donated by Haji Taleh Mehdi alone, and further £150K toward the building of the Hope Hospital. Funding for the construction of the hospital is mainly covered through our commercial activities. Our policy is not to utilise any cash donation unless specifically donated to and for Hope Hospital Project.

Donations and grants provided by Al-Ain UK are mostly used to run the hospital, and to carry out free medical and eye camps in remote areas of Pakistan. We have a sister charity registered in Pakistan with the same name, and the funds are transferred directly from bank to bank. The sister charity in Pakistan has its own board of trustees, who oversee the running of the hospital and all other our projects including our camps activities.

Charity's vision is that no one has to pay for healthcare at the point of delivery. Lots of poor people often lose their loved ones because they cannot pay for medical treatment. All the trustees have endorsed this vision.

Artist impression of the Hope Hospital, Chakwal, Pakistan

Where we are?

A 40 bed facility (ٱلْحَمْدُ لِلَّٰهِ‎ ) is now operational.  It includes two operating theatres; one dedicated to eye surgery, a pharmacy and a fully equipped laboratory providing a comprehensive list of Pathology tests.  The Hospital is now fully equipped to cater for both primary and secondary eye care services. A routine weekly cataract removal surgery list is taking place at the hospital under the supervision of Eye Surgeon Dr Gulzar. We also run a General Practice clinic with qualified male and female doctors totally free for poor patients. Two ambulances and one community ambulance with 18 seats makes it easier for the poor to travel to Hospital; this ambulance routinely visits surrounding villages and provides cost-free transit to and from the hospital. 

Our medical team routinely holds free medical camps in remote locations of Pakistan and Azad Kashmir allowing us to bring healthcare services to the doorsteps of people who do not have the means of transport. 

Last year during our camps we screened nearly 5,000 patients; of which 2,800 had their sight tested, 2,200 patients had a health check and were provided with medicines; We performed 99 cataract surgeries; and gave out 385 reading glasses. 

Similarly, ever since we opened the hospital, we have served over 60,000 patients and performed 1000s of cataract-removal operations and this number is continually increasing.  

There is still a long way to go to create a modern health complex that can cover a wide arrange of services for poor patients, so we would have to refer them to other hospitals. We do thank our supporters from the bottom of our heart for their kind donations that are keeping the hospital running. 

Patients waiting at the Eye and Health Clinic

Free Eye Care and Primary Health Care Clinics

The pictures above are from the completed portion of the 40 bed facility (ٱلْحَمْدُ لِلَّٰهِ‎ ). It is providing daily Primary and Secondary Eye Clinics along with General Practice clinics totally free for poor people.

Currently, we are operating two clinics at the Hope Hospital, with the following objectives. No doubt (إِنْ شَاءَ ٱللَّٰهُ‎) we will add other facilities as we develop the hospital in the future. Our next target is to create pre-natal care services. 

Free Eye Care Clinic

"To provide free eye treatment and ophthalmology care to those with few resources and also to take these services to areas with little or no access to regular health care."
Free Health Care Clinic 
 "To provide 24 hours of emergency ambulance services across the district, free dispensaries, free wheelchairs, crutches and other services for the handicapped, family planning counselling and pre-natal services"

Message from our Chairman Haji Taleh Mehdi

 “I’m very happy today that the Hope hospital is able to help so many poor people and this was all made possible with all your help and donations. I request to all my friends and family, to help Al-Ain, to keep their continuous support and we can together give a gift of good health to so many poor people - Thank you.

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Ambulance Services: 
3 Different type of Ambulances.

Small General Purpose Ambulance - The purpose of this is to carry a small number of patients from the surrounding villages. Due to their narrow streets it is ideal for picking up poor patients requiring cataract removal operations. Also used for hospital-related work. 

Emergency Medical Ambulance - It is fully medically equipped to provide emergency care to people with acute illness or injury, it allows us to take such patients to other hospitals providing secondary and tertiary care. It is provided free at the point of use, and a charge may be made to those who not entitled. Any income generated from our Ambulance services is put into Hope Hospital to support our free health care needy and less fortunate members of our society.
Community Ambulance -  This is equipped with 16 seats, and is air-conditioned. It is primarily used to bring patients from far lung areas. This is where we have carried out free eye camps and identified a number of poor people needing cataract removal operations. It allows us to bring these people to our Hope Hospital free of cost. They will have a cataract removal operation at the Hope Hospital. They will then stay at the hospital overnight and following this they are taken back to their villages. Sometimes, we do local transport, but patients often find these very uncomfortable and inconvenient with recent surgery.  

Within the developing countries, we see many private practices; nonetheless, they are very expensive and in most cases out of reach for poor people to have access to them. With the advancements of our commitment to aiding those vulnerable people, we have set up many Free Eye Camps in remote villages. This initiative is also strengthened by a mobile ambulance unit and a medical team of specialists, who routinely screen remote villages with an added referral pathway of transporting in-patients to be treated at our Hope Hospital, Chakwal, Pakistan.
Diagnostics Centre at Hope Hospital

Diagnostics Centre at Hope Hospital

The Hope Hospital Diagnostics Centre is fully operational and provides wide-range of Pathological Tests, including Haematology, Clinical Chemistry, Blood Gas Analysis and Microscopy And Culture. 

Our eventual plan is to fulfil all the requirements of a 21st-century hospital and it will fully be equipped with the latest equipment required for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes for both adults and paediatric patients suffering from various problems. 

Our plan includes introducing  all of the following at a later date:
  • Cytology and Biopsy
  • ECG
  • Echocardiography
  • ETT
  • Digital Radiography 
Also, we plan to offer at the Hope Hospital a full range of Non-Interventional Procedures which include:
  • Echocardiography
  • Stress Echocardiography
  • Holter Monitoring
  • 24 Blood Pressure Monitoring 
Pharmacy Services

Pharmacy Services

Hope Hospital, provides a Pharmacy service with all the necessary drugs available and is run by a certified Pharmacist. As the hospital  capabilities grow, we intend to make this service 24 hours.
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Annual Health Mela at Hope Hospital

The nnual Health Mela is held at the Hope Hospital every year between March and August. It is fully financed by our Chairman Haji Taleh Mehdi with support of his two sons and grandchildren.  Al-Ain charity does not pay for this Health Mela. It is solely funded by our chairman and his family.
The idea behind this Health Mela is to provide an opportunity for poor people to get a comprehensive health check free of charge. Their Blood Pressure, Sugar level, Cholesterol level, other blood chemistry tests and a free sight test. This health check is based on a similar standard to one provided in UK.

We usually treat 1000+ poor people during this event. It is a fantastic facility and provides valuable information and informs patient of the preventative measures for poor people to adopt a healthier lifestyle. The major aliment can be prevented before it is too late. 

District Chakwal

The total population of the district has been recorded at 1,495,982 (1.5 Million**) with the total households of 266,109. As many as 1,212,042 (1.2 Million or 81%) people of the district live in the rural area with 217,586 (81%) houses and 283,940 (19%) people live in an urban area which has 48,524 households
Map of District Chakwal and location of the Hope Hospital, Mureed, Pakistan

Hope Hospital Construction

Hope Hospital is situated in the historical village Mureed of District Chakwal. The Hospital idea originated after a free eye camp held in village Mureed by Al-Ain. Initially, our plan was to establish a small Eye care clinic. However, with financial support from our current Chairman Haji Taleh Mehdi, who donated land to Al-Ain measuring 40,000 sq ft and large poultry farm building with a total value of Rs100 Million (£500K), a poultry farm building has been transformed into an outstanding hospital building with modern and state of the art eye and healthcare facilities. The hospital will have the facility for 100 beds once fully completed.

The Hope Hospital project is taking shape in small phases. Al-Ain's philosophy is to have healthcare functioning units as soon as economically feasible. Though, we envisage our long term goal to build a healthcare complex to encompass and cater for complete healthcare facilities for every underprivileged citizen of the district.

Our primary and secondary Eye Care Clinic, which is already operational and is serving people in the whole of the district Chakwal with 248 rural villages falling amongst the most deprived health facilities.
Artist impression of the Hope Hospital, Chakwal, Pakistan
Technical Drawing of the Ground Floor.
Technical Drawing of the Ground Floor:
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Health Mela 2019

This year Health Mela took place on 31st March 2019.  At the Health Mela opening ceremony, we had the pleasure of hosting the Pakistan National Assembly Speaker
The highlight of Health Mela 2019  at the Hope Hospital:

  • 1040 Patients Screened
  • 770   Patients provided with a health check
  • 89    Provided with reading glasses
  • 18    Cataract surgeries
Along with His Excellency Speaker National Assembly of Pakistan - Mr Asad Qaisar.  We were also honoured to have so many distinguished people here at the Hope Hospital's Health Mela:  
  • Sardar Zulfiqar Ali Khan MNA Chakwal-I
  • Fauzia Behram MNA Chakwal-LS
  • Choudary Saliq Hussain MNA Chakwal-II
  • Raja Yasir Humayun Sarfraz MPA  Chakwal-I (Minister of higher education)
  • Sardar Aftab Akbar - MPA Chakwal-I 
Our relationship with His Excellency Speaker National Assembly of Pakistan Mr Asad Qaisar goes back many years. His first visit was back in 2005 when we began this project. Ever since he has supported Hope Hospital project and our organisation actively. Together, we have done many social welfare activities here in Punjab and KPK. 
We were also grateful to all the above-distinguished guests, who attended the opening ceremony of Hope Hospital Health Mela 2019.
Having these distinguished guests present at the Health Mela provided ideal opportunity to emphasise the plight of the poor people, and we requested them to provide better health facilities within the District Chakwal. It gives them the first-hand experience of seeing so many poor people and their suffering.

Health Mela's Video - 31st March 2019

Further Plans for Hope Hospital

Future Plans for the Hope Hospital

Our plan is that Hope Hospital would become a general hospital catering both to indoor as well as outdoor patients. The hospital indoor facilities would include day services of a 100 bed in-patient department with a fully functional operation theatre capable of conducting major/minor types of surgeries. The outdoor facilities would include a diagnostic clinic consisting of a complete medical laboratory and a screening department.

It is envisaged over a few years we will add the following departments in the order they listed below as and when it becomes financially possible:

  • Pre-Maternity services
  • Emergency Department
  • Diagnostics Centre
  • Dental Department
  • Surgical Consultancy
  • Medical/Fracture Consultancy
  • Gynaecology and Obstetrics
We are also looking into establishing  paid consultant services for the general public to allow us to generate additional funds to help us support a greater number of poor people in the following fields at the Hope Hospital:
  • Gastroenterology Specialists
  • Paediatric Physicians
  • General Surgeons
  • General Physicians (Chest & TB)
  • Diabetes & Endocrinologists
  • Cardiologists
  • Orthopaedic Surgeons
  • Gynaecologists
  • Pathologists
  • Dentists


Along with video conferencing capabilities, the Hope Hospital is planning to introduce telemedicine services. Initially it will be operated on pre-paid requested appointments, at a later date we will add it into the Hope Hospital consultancy services. Patient's medical reports will also be sent to experts in the UK for consultation purposes. Thus not only will patients of the Hope Hospital receive the best care in Pakistan, but also from the UK. 

Again, any funds generated will be invested back into the hospital to widen capabilities and provide better services to poor peoples.

Conference Centre and Medical Training centre

Conference and Medical Training Centre

Nursing School


There is a training school for nursing planned which will give the hospital a constant supply of highly trained nurses. It will be a 3-year program with an emphasis on recruiting students locally and giving them the opportunity to become a specialist nurse. For this,  A purpose built part of the first floor has been dedicated to the training. It has 3 lecture rooms and 3 discussion rooms along with a separate computer room and library.

Skills Lab / Training School

Training will be offered to medical professionals to enhance their skills by being updated about the latest changes and advancements in the field of medicine.

The Hope Hospital is where learners will have the opportunity to practice and master skills without putting patients at risk. The hospital will provide full-sized patient mannequins, infant mannequins and task trainers -all in realistic patient care settings on which critical care, surgical and resuscitation emergencies can be practiced.


Hope Hospital will also provide a huge collection of books covering clinical medicine, clinical surgery, biomedical research areas, allied fields and medical periodicals that meet the needs of doctors, nursing staff as well as for patients who are in the care of Hospital.

Computer Lab

All the medical professionals working at Hope Hospital will have access to computers at all times.

Lecture Theatre

The Hope Hospital, Mureed hosts a 100 plus capacity Lecture Theatre which is linked to the OT and Cath Lab. Here, the state of the art projection system allows doctors and medical staff to watch an operation while it is in progress.

Not only will Hope Hospital be a place for medical care, but a beacon for learning and dialogue. Classes, lectures and video conferencing here will bring the Hope Hospital to the forefront of medical discussion.


Hope Hospital Story

08 Aug 2004

Al-Ain International Hospital

Al-Ain Hospital ideaThe idea originated during a Free Medical Camp held at Mureed High School, District Chakwal, Pakistan in 2004. After hearing the sad news of a young pregnant lady passing away in the village due to lack of medical care.

08 Aug 2004

19 Jun 2005

Opening Ceremony

Hospital is a vision of two brothers Haji Murid Sultan and Haji Taleh Mehdi. It began with an opening ceremony held on 19th June 2005. It was attended by the District Chakwal's MNA Major(r) Tahir Iqbal along with a host of other dignitaries.

01 Sep 2005

Land and Building legally leased

Land and Building leasedLand and building were legally leased free of cost for 99 years to Al-Ain International Welfare Trust UK with an option to extend it to further 99 years. The work on the planning of the Hospital started.

01 Sep 2005

01 Nov 2005

Hospital Named - Hope Hospital

First draft of Artists Impression of the hospital
The name of the Hospital was collectively decided by Haji Murid Sultan(late) and Haji Taleh Mehdi. Also, the first draft of Artists Impressions of the Hope Hospital was created. This was later changed to the current version.

01 Jan 2006

Hope Hospital - Health Clinic

Hope Hospital - Health Clinic opened
Within 6 Six months on 1st Jan 2006, work completed.  Al-Ain opened it's Primary Health Care Clinic on 28 Jan 2006. It consisted of 3 Examining Rooms, a waiting  area and a small Masjid. It was felt that the Hospital project will take time to develop and we wanted to provide primary health care free of cost to the less fortunate people of district Chakwal.

01 Jan 2006

28 Jan 2006

First Camp at Hope Hospital Health Clinic

Hope Hospital Clinic
At the opening ceremony, we also held our first Medical Camp at the Hope Hospital site. Meanwhile, we continued to plan for the hospital building and also to raise funds needed to start the work. With the opening of the Clinic, we were able to provide primary health care services to poor people at the Hope Hospital. The opening of the clinic was the start of  numerous camps here at the Hope Hospital site.

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