Free Eye Camps

Al-Ain Free Eye Camps

This falls under our core activity. Our first camp was over 2 days. It was held in Sehnsa, Azad Kashmir on 28th & 29th August 2003, during which we examined and treated about 1500+ poor and deserving eye patients and out of them 132 patients had cataract extractions with Intra-ocular Lens Implantation free of charge. We also provided free sight glasses to almost 200 patients and made 30 pairs of glasses to order for poor students, youngsters and middle-aged poor patients.

Al-Ain's very first Free Eye Camps held in on 29th August 2003, Sansa,  Kashmir. Two very first Patients who their Cataract removal operation free of cost. Our Free Eye Camp journey started here..

Our aims for the next 5 years

  1. Continue to perform cataract removal operations for low-income families free of charge in remote and far-flung areas using our facilities at the Hope Hospital.
  2. Continue with our plan to enhance the primary & secondary eye care facilities at our core Hope Hospital project. 
  3. Introducing telemedicine at Hope Hospital to allow us to engage with the UK based Physicians, to assist with disseminating of good practices in Opthalmology care at Hope Hospital 
  4. Reducing the number of people suffering from avoidable blindness in the many thousands by providing good quality eye care services and building human resource capabilities within low-income families to support low vision services and eye care.
Al-Ain & Change and Development (CAD) organised number of  Free Eye Camp in poor suburb of Bangladesh.

Al-Ain & Change and Development (CAD) organised a number of Free Eye Camp in a poor suburb of Bangladesh.

This another initiative with the support of Change and Development (CAD), Al-Ain financed a number of  Free Eye Camps

The funds for this initiative came from the UK based Bangladeshi community, and the Masjid where our clothes recycling bank are housed. Our aim is to serve as a wide of an area as our funds allow. Previously we did not have a direct link in Bangladesh, so we were pleased to have partnered with Change and Development (CAD), who helped us to carry out our Free Eye Camps and also helped us to distribute aid in poor suburb Bangladesh.
Annual Health Mela at Hope Hospital

Annual Health Mela at Hope Hospital with Free Medical & Eye Camp

This years Health Mela took place on 31st March 2019. At the Health Mela opening ceremony, we had the pleasure of hosting Pakistan National Assembly Speaker Asad Qaisar.
We usually treat 1000+ poor people. It is a fantastic way of treating so many poor people and providing the preventative measure to adopt a healthier lifestyle. The major aliment can be prevented before it is too late. 
The highlight of Health Mela 2019  at the Hope Hospital

  • 1040 Patients Screened
  • 770   Patients provided with a health check
  • 89     Provided with reading glasses
  • 18      Cataract surgeries
Along with His Excellency Speaker National Assembly of Pakistan Asad Qaisar. We were also honoured to have so many distinguished people here at the Hope Hospital's Health Mela:  
  • Sardar Zulfiqar Ali Khan MNA Chakwal-I
  • Fauzia Behram MNA Chakwal-LS
  • Choudary Saliq Hussain MNA Chakwal-II
  • Raja Yasir Humayun Sarfraz MPA  Chakwal-I (Minister of Punjab for higher education)
  • Sardar Aftab Akbar - MPA Chakwal-I 
Our relationship with His Excellency Speaker National Assembly of Pakistan Mr Asad Qaisar goes back many years. His first visit was back in 2005 when we began this project. Ever since he has supported Hope Hospital project and our organisation actively. Together, we have done many social welfare activities here in Punjab and KPK. 
We were also grateful to all the distinguished guests, who attended the opening ceremony of Hope Hospital Health Mela 2019.
Having these distinguished guests present at the Health Mela provided ideal opportunity to emphasise the plight of poor people, and request them for better health facilities within the District of Chakwal. It gives them the first-hand experience of seeing so many poor people and their suffering.

What is Al-Ain trying to achieve?

Al-Ain is seeking to play its role to help the global initiative for the elimination of avoidable blindness. Four-Fifths of the magnitude of blindness is caused by an eye condition which can be prevented or treated. The resources available are insufficient to tackle the problem particularly in low-income countries like Pakistan where 9 out of 10 of the worlds blind people live in. There is a lack of trained eye personnel, medicines, ophthalmic equipment, eye care facilities and patient referral systems. This is preventing the individuals with vision loss from realising their full potential. We started the organisation with some broad long-term aims which span over several years. We focused on developing a facility in the shape of the Hope Hospital in a remote village of Pakistan. We have successfully achieved this target with a functioning eye care facility at the Hope Hospital with trained personnel, distributing eye medicines, equipped with high-quality ophthalmic equipment, catering for both primary and secondary eye care facilities and a mechanism to refer low-income patients to tertiary facilities.

Haji Murid Sultan (late) Inaugurated the Ophthalmic Operating Theatre at Hope Hospital in December 2013. Since then many hundreds of cataract surgeries have carried out.     
Dr Gulzar performing the very first Cataract Removal Surgery at our the newly opened Ophthalmic Operating Theatre at the Hope Hospital, Mureed, Chakwal, Pakistan.

Government Responsibility

The government have the responsibility to provide good health care facilities to every member of society. Unfortunately, in most underdeveloped countries like Pakistan, health care is not providing adequate funding to properly support every member of society. With this reason in mind, we and along with a lot of other welfare organisations work with these under privileged people to prevent and relieve sickness. Our organisation is mainly working for the elimination of avoidable blindness, with whatever funds generate from our commercial activities and our supporters provide.

Our Free Eye Campus

Our Free Eye Campus

Sehnsa Azad Kashmir - 28th & 29th August 2003
The first camp was organised at Sehnsa Azad Kashmir on 28th & 29th August 2003, during which we examined and treated about 1500 poor and deserving eye patients and out of them 132 patients had a cataract extraction with an Intra-ocular Lens Implantation free of charge. We also provided free sight glasses to almost 200 patients and made 30 pairs of glasses to order for poor students, youngsters and middle aged poor patients.
Tarha Pai Oggee, Mansehra KPK - 6th Sept 2003

The second camp was organised at Tarha Pai Oggee, Mansehra, N.W.F.P Pakistan on the 6th September 2003 during which we examined and treated about 500 poor and deserving patients during a single day and 42 cataract patients went on our cataract list, out of which 20 patients had free cataract extraction with Intra ocular Lens Implantation free of charge. We also provided free sight glasses to about 200 patients.

Pubbi, Peshawar, N.W.F.P Pakistan - 17th March 2004

The third camp was organised at Pubbi, Peshawar, N.W.F.P Pakistan on the 17th March 2004 during which we examined and treated more than 500 poor and deserving patients during a single day and 32 cataract patients went onto our cataract list. We also provided free sight glasses to almost 250 patients.


How Al-Ain supporting communities in remote areas

How Al-Ain is supporting communities in remote areas

What makes Al–Ain International Trust unique is that we have and continued to target remote villages, where no mainstream charity has ventured and it is very difficult to reach the nearest district government hospital for poor people. Many under severed communities’ in remote areas of Pakistan, Azad Kashmir and Bangladesh are neglected. There are hundreds of villages within many remotes districts and with limited resources and staff to cater for everyone needing health care treatment. There are many private practices; however they are very expensive for poor people to have access to them. That is where we come in, apart from setting up free eye camps in remote villages, we also have a mobile ambulance unit and team of specialist, who routinely visit remote villages and also bring in patients to be treated at our Hope Hospital, Chakwal, Pakistan.

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