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Al-Ain Helping Hands Projects
This is a vision of our chairman Haji Taleh Mehdi, where we can assist poor students to achieve their full potential, by supporting remote government schools and madrasas, with material and financial support, so they can provide access to enhanced teaching and learning material.

Al-Ain continues to support number of initiatives at a small scale under the theme of helping hands. We go into remote areas of Pakistan, where other charities hardly reach. In these areas we find there are no formal schools, and people living in extreme poverty.  These people have no means to come out the poverty loop. We hope our small contribution, may help few to come out this poverty loop.
May Allah(swt) الله سبحان و تعالىٰ accept our effort and our supporter donations. Reward everyone here and in the hereafter Jazakallah Khair - جزاك اللهُ خيراً‎ 

Our Founder Trustee of Al-Ain PK - Haji Murid Sultan (Late) Distributing Books and Uniforms in a remote village in KPK
School has no building - it is runs in an open air with very little to no teaching equipment.

There are lots remote areas in Pakistan where people have no means to educate their children.  The above photo is from one such village we visited in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province (KPK)  and distributed books, and school bags. Many children in these area are well capable of achieving Higher Education, but with no formal Primary and Secondary Education, they usually end up as labourers for the rest of their lives and continue to struggle through their lives to support themselves and their families. 

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Support for Girls to have equal access to Information Technology (IT)

Computers are now part of everyday life.  For most of us, technology is essential to our lives., at home and at work. "Computational thinking" is a essential skill children must be taught. Therefore,  another initiative taken by Al-Ain is to support girls in secondary schools in the remote areas of Pakistan to have an equal access to Information Technology. This initiated was support by the Nottingham Trent University and managed by our Trustee Mr Iftikhar Mehdi, with the support of other Trustees.
The idea behind this initiative was not only to provide IT equipment but to carry out a mentor exercise on how to teach girls foundational skills, knowledge and build an understanding of computing that they will need for the rest of their lives based on a similar standard to one used in the UK's secondary schools.
One Day IT Mentoring workshop - held at Government Girls High School Jhelum
The School was given 20 computers, donated by The Nottingham Trent University. We also organised a day event and provided some mentoring on the structure of introducing basic IT skills into the secondary school curriculum.
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IT Lab - Government Girls High School - Jehlum, Punjab.
 20 Computers denoted  The Nottingham Trent University.
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IT Lab equipment to Madrassa II  in a remote Village of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province (KPK) catering Primary and Secondary Free for Orphan and children from poor families.
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IT Lab equipment for school, local government hospital in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province (KPK) also provided with medical equipment to save life.
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Computer for gifted Students -  we also support gifted poor students with IT equipment.
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Provided over £500K of Medical equipment to Local & District Hospitals  - A £100K X-Ray Machine being is loaded at Swabi District Hospital.

The government have the responsibility to provide good education to every member of the society. Unfortunately, in the most underdeveloped countries, education is not given adequate funding to formally support every member of the society. With this reason in mind, we are doing our bit, with limited funds, to lift some of these underprivileged children out poverty. 

We also are actively engaged with political leadership, by inviting them to our welfare activities and to raise awareness at a government level to make good education FREE for all. It is a basic "human right" for every member of society. 

We know that poverty has a devastating impact on children’s lives. It can lead to children missing out on basic education or underachieving at school. It is really a function every government to ensure each child is given an equal opportunity gain a decent primary and secondary education. In reality, most under-developing countries invest very little on education, lots of poor people are often left behind. They are not able to lift themselves out poverty. However, we are a small charity, but we continue provide some assistance, where possible, at a small scale. 

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Al-Ain funds Primary and Secondary Education of 100 Orphan Children in KPK

This initiative was supported by our Trustees
 Haji Fazel-e-Rabi and Haji Javed Iqbal Khan.
The funds for this initiative came from Nottingham Urdu School. An annual a fund raising event was held at the Nottingham Urdu School. These funds were dedicated to supporting 100 orphan children to complete their primary and secondary education. These children were selected from areas which were devastated in the earthquake in October 2005. With the help of local administrations, we invited all children who were orphaned during the earthquake, and we were overwhelmed with the response of children who came forward. Since our funding could only help around 100 children, we carried out a few small numeracy and literacy tests to select 100 orphaned children. We supported these children for the next 10 years till all of them completed their secondary education. With help of the children from Nottingham Urdu School, we put 100 orphan  children on strong footing to achieve their potential at higher education, and many of them did. We believe that these children will go onto, not only support their own family but will come out of the poverty trap and will be able to provide better future to their own children.
Al-Ain sets up a IT lab in Government Girl High Swabi in KPK -  Giving girls in remote areas also to access IT skills .                   
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The Type of Support we Provide under the theme of Helping Hands.

Distribution of Uniforms, Bags and Books
The purpose of this is to provide children from poor families to travel to school with dignity. Having a scruffy uniform and unsuitable school bags to carry the books, children from poor families face punishment for missing uniforms or equipment their family simply cannot afford.

We routinely identity poor children who are missing out on basic education, assist them with books, uniform, and sponsor their primary and secondary education. We have provided material and financial support to numerous schools allowing them to cater education for the street children. These children are from poor families and spend their whole day rummaging rubbish sites to earn money to support their family. 


Supporting Schools with IT equipment

 In this day and age information technology (IT) plays an essential role as a skill for both children in primary or secondary schools. Unfortunately, we still find lots of governments schools have little to no IT provisions, particularly in girls schools. We worked in conjunction with The Nottingham Trent University, who donated IT equipment to allow us to establish a number of  IT Labs in a different parts of Pakistan. Some of these were in Government Girls High School and others were Madarsas (non-formal schools, supporting mostly orphan children) in a remote area of the KPK Province. These madrassas are carefully selected ensuring that they do not have any links with extremist organisations


Mentoring Teaching Staff on the use of IT 

We have been working closely with a colleague in The Nottingham Trent University, who has provided lots of IT equipment for a number of IT Labs that we have set up, to guide us on introducing basic IT skills into the secondary school curriculum. Initially, a proposal was drafted, to provide mentoring by staff from the Faculty of Primary and Secondary at The Nottingham Trent University. Since we work in very remote areas, due to security concerns it was shelved. However, they have guided us in the process of mentoring and we were able to carry out the mentoring work and completed it successfully.  We are so grateful to Director of IT Mr Ian Griffiths at The Nottingham Trent University, for providing the IT equipment and his assistance this project.


Supporting Girls to achieving their full potential 

We are working closely with the KPK government, and have an MoU on Education to assist with collaboration work. Looking at establishing a formal link with The Nottingham Trent University and Swabi Women University in KPK. During the last visit of Speaker National Assembly Mr Asad Qaisar, he met with the senior staff at the Nottingham Trent University.  The High education minister has been instructed to look into what collaboration work can be achieved as a joint venture.

Gifting Computers to a poor talented student studying at  Higher Education to achieving their full potential.

We are trying our utmost to help a wide range of underprivileged people. Under our helping hands theme, we identify poor talented students who have made it to higher education and support them further with IT equipment so they achieve their potential fully. 

Providing Essential Medical equipment to Local & District Hospital.

We have provided over £500K worth medical equipment to Local and district hospitals.

Swabi District Hospital
Our biggest donation was £100K worth of  X-Ray machines and related equipment to Swabi District Hospital. 

Chakwal District Hospital
Al-Ain fully refurbished childrens ward at Chakwal District Hospital, providing 20 additional beds fro children. Previously, each bed was often occupied by 2 or even 3 children lying side-by-side. The close proximity of children to one another lead to the spread of various infections throughout the ward. Not only was this dangerous for the children themselves but also for the healthcare staff. This increase in bed capacity allowed patients to be admitted on their own bed. 

Chakwal Prison Hospital,
We also assisted Chakwal Prison Hospital, which was so run-down. We provided a number of beds, an examining coach, an ECG machine - an important resource as prisoners often complained of chest pain and were subsequently neglected leading to a number of Heart Attack related deaths - and a number of other items to have a functional clinic. This has allowed doctors in the prison to accurately diagnose life threatening conditions such as heart attacks rapidly leading to a better quality of life. 

Bhatti Gurjar Khan Clinic
Al-Ain has helped to establish a primary Health Clinic, in Dhok Gakhar Khan, Kaswal, Gujar Khan by donating essential medical equipment.

Numerous other medical items have been donated to individuals (Including wheelchairs etc.), and to wider medical practices, providing free primary care, similar to the Batti Gurjar Khan Clinic.

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Bhatti Gurjar Khan Clinic - Al-Ain establishes a Primary Health Clinic, in Dhok Gakhar Khan, KasoWal, Gujar Khan by donation essential medical equipment.
IT Lab at Battagram School

IT Lab opening at Sir Syed Institute of Learning and Motivation - Battagram KPK

Battagram is one of the remote areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province (KPK) in the north of Pakistan. This is a private school, where we sponsored 100 orphan children to complete their primary and secondary education. The school had no IT provisions, therefore we provided 20 PCs and mentoring support.  These computers again provided by The Nottingham Trent University. The school was routinely visited by our trustees, to ensure that the IT remained at the school and the 100 orphaned students we sponsored continued to attended the school, as we had the bio-data for each student alongwith their picture.

Video - Opening of IT Lab in Batagram, KPK 16th August 2006

100 Orphaned Children Sponsored by Al-Ain

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