Hope Hospital

Hope hospital, Chakwal, is a vision of our Founder Trustee Haji Taleh Mehdi, who is dedicating all his time and efforts to accomplish his vision. He has the utmost determination to alleviate the pain and suffering caused through preventable diseases that he himself has witnessed during his visits to the district of Chakwal. This vision has been fully endorsed by all the trustees. Al-Ain is sponsoring Haji Taleh Mehdi to release this vision over the next few years or till the project is complete. We have already been focusing our activities to realize this project. The land for the project has been paid for by Haji Taleh Mehdi alone, and he will continue to support this project financially.

The Hope Hospital project is taking shape in small phases. Al-Ain's philosophy is to have healthcare functioning units as soon as economically feasible. Thou, we envisage our long term goal to build a healthcare complex to encompass and cater complete healthcare facilities for every underprivileged citizen of the district.

Hope Hospital is already catering for the following Clinics:

Free Eye Care Clinic 

"To provide free eye treatment and ophthalmologic care to those with few resources and also to take these services to areas with little or no access to regular health care."

Free Health Care Clinic 

"To provide 24 hours of emergency ambulance services across the district, free dispensaries, free wheel chairs, crutches and other services for the handicapped, family planning counseling and maternity services"